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Different appointment types and how to use them

Created: Feb. 1, 2022, 12:24 a.m. Last updated Feb. 1, 2022, 9:47 p.m.

Different appointment types and how to use them

AppointmentGuru supports a number of different appointment types such as standard appointments, flexible location appointments, online appointments and private appointments

AppointmentGuru supports a number of different appointment types. Depending on the appointment type, AppointmentGuru will perform useful actions on your behalf.

Standard Appointments

A standard appointment is an appointment at a fixed location. Most appointments on AppointmentGuru fit this bill. Typically you would use this type of appointment if you work from a location and clients come to you for a consultation.

Online appointments

Online appointments occur online using some form of video conferencing software such as Zoom. For online appointment types AppointmentGuru will do the following: * If you have the Zoom integration installed, AppointmentGuru will create a corresponding meeting in Zoom and link the meeting information to your appointment * Include your meeting URL in your automated notifications * Include the "online place indicator" on your invoices

Flexible location appointments

Flexible location appointments are appointments which occur in person but not at a fixed location. Examples might be a house call or a meeting in a coffee shop.

  • When you create meetings of this type, if a user books the meeting online, they will be prompted to suggest a location.
  • The appointment detail page in the practitioner app will show the locations with a link to open the map page.

Private appointments

Any of the above appointment types can be marked as private.

  • A private appointment type will not show up on your online booking forms, or on your booking page.
  • You can however still share a direct link with a customer which they can use to book one of these appointment types online.

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