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Home visits or flexible appointment types

Use flexible appointment types for home visits or appointments where the location is not a fixed address


Different appointment types and how to use them

AppointmentGuru supports a number of different appointment types such as standard appointments, flexible location appointments, online appointments and private appointments

Online meeting appointment types

Use online meeting types to automatically manage your video calls with Zoom


Creating an appointment for a child or dependant

Learn how to create appointments for dependants. They will be attached to the account of the main customer, but can be invoiced seperately


Reschedule or delete a series of repeating appointments

Easily reschedule or delete a series of repeat appointments

Delete an appointment

Delete an appointment completely

View a list of appointments with a particular client

Quickly see a list of appointments ever made with a client in your AppointmentGuru account

Viewing a note added to an appointment

Keep track of a client by adding notes in your AppointmentGuru account

Sync to a phone calendar app

Use the AppointmentGuru calendar URL to sync to your calendar app on your phone

Sync to an Outlook or Calendar app

Use the AppointmentGuru calendar URL to sync to your calendar app on your computer

How to reschedule an appointment

Appointments can be canceled or rescheduled easily

Marking an appointment and invoice as paid

Mark an invoice as paid


Make automatically repeating appointments

Quickly add repeating appointments and save time

Is there a mobile app I can use?

Use AppointmentGuru's mobile apps to make and manage your AppointmentGuru appointments, clients and invoices

How do I know when a client has booked an appointment with me?

AppointmentGuru makes sure you keep up-to-date with SMS or email notifications when new appointments are made

Cancelling an appointment

It's easy to cancel an existing appointment in your AppointmentGuru account

Block off time during your operating hours

You can block off time in your diary to make those slots unavailable for online bookings

How do I add an appointment?

It's quick and easy to add an appointment in your AppointmentGuru account

Adding and editing notes to an appointment or client

Keep track of a client or appointment with Notes

Create your first appointment

Learn how to create an appointment in AppointmentGuru and understand some of the extra functionality built around appointments - such as notifications, appointment types and recurring appointments

Cloning (or duplicating) appointments

Clone an appointment to duplicate the appointment information to various new dates or clients

How to change space, location or practitioner information on an AppointmentGuru by changing the appointment type

You can: transfer an appointment to another practitioner, change an appointment's location and change the space where it is saved by changing the appointment's type

When to delete and when to cancel an appointment

Learn about the differences between cancelling and deleting an appointment and when to use each

Share an appointment with your client

You can easily share appointment details with your client via QR code, WhatsApp, Email, or anywhere you can send a link to

Updating the pricing on your appointments

Often, you will need to update the pricing on your appointments. You can very easily change the pricing for an appointment type, and this will apply to all new appointments. However, if you need to make a general change (for example, if you are changing your pricing at the beginning of the year) and want to apply this change to existing appointments, you will need to use our pricing tool.


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