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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do notifications work?

    Save time, do less admin with AppointmentGuru's automatic notifications

  • Integrate AppointmentGuru with Physitrack

    Physitrack is the world leader in remote patient engagement. Install the integration and access your Physitrack programs and data directly from AppointmentGuru

  • Creating vs inviting a team member

    When setting up your team, sometimes you will want to add a colleague who already has an AppointmentGuru account. If this is the case, you have the option to either create a new AppointmentGuru account for them or invite them to use their existing account with your team. This article outlines some important things to know when making this decision.

  • Is there a mobile app I can use?

    Use AppointmentGuru's mobile apps to make and manage your AppointmentGuru appointments, clients and invoices

  • How do I get help from AppointmentGuru?

    We want our customers to succeed, we're here to help

  • Block off time during your operating hours

    You can block off time in your diary to make those slots unavailable for online bookings

  • Update appointment information on a invoice

    Sometimes you change information on your appointments after you have created an invoice. You'll notice that this information does not update automatically on the invoice. This is by design because once created, an invoice should not change unless you explicitly want it to.

    Not to worry, though; it's easy to refresh the appointment information on your invoice - and this article will show you how!

  • Disable online bookings

    If you do not want to have online bookings, you can disable the booking widget

  • Can I send a bulk SMS or email to all my clients?

    You can send a bulk email to your AppointmentGuru clients using our Mailchimp integration. If you would like to send a bulk SMS, we can also help you with that.

  • How does invoicing work?

    AppointmentGuru's invoicing is generated from appointments and can include codes for medical aid submission

  • How to grant customer support access to your account

    In some cases, to help us debug a particularly complicated issue, we may require temporary access to your account. Here is how you can grant temporary access to your account to a AppointmentGuru customer support

  • Invoicing for appointments that have been paid in advance

    This article will outline how you can keep track of a client's account in the case that they pay in advance for several appointments

  • Share a form with a client

    When sharing a JotForm with a client, it is important to share it from AppointmentGuru so that it can successfully be linked to their profile

  • Share a client with your colleagues

    When you create a client, you share them with specific spaces. If you didn't get it right the first time, you can change the spaces with which they are shared.


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