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Configuring your account

Configuring your account

Download/backup/export your data

Your data in AppointmentGuru is your data. AppointmentGuru makes it easy for you to export your data to CSV

Roles, permissions and access

Understand how AppointmentGuru helps you manage access to information amongst your team


Delete your account

Want to delete your account?

What's new?

Take a look at the recent changes made to the AppointmentGuru platform

Use your email signature to let your Clients know about AppointmentGuru

Update your signature with your AppointmentGuru booking details

Updating operating hours

Add your operating hours and clients won't be able to book appointments outside of that time


Is there a way for to be unlisted from the directory on the mobile app?

AppointmentGuru offers a directory listing in the AppointmentGuru app for your clients

Table talkers

AppointmentGuru's table talkers provide free marketing and encourage clients to make appointments with you

Resetting your password

Reset your AppointmentGuru password

How does reporting work?

AppointmentGuru includes a reporting dashboard so that you can get insight into your business

Adding my logo and profile pic

Personalise your AppointmentGuru account with your logo and profile pic

Linking your Facebook page and AppointmentGuru

Link your Facebook page and AppointmentGuru to make sure you don't miss out on any new business

Is my information and data safe and secure?

Your stored information on AppointmentGuru is kept safe and secure

Add your invoicing settings

Invoice settings allow you to personalise your invoices


How do I add the appointment types that I offer?

Add appointment types - show what you offer and specify the cost and length

Where do I add my physical address?

You can add one or more locations to a space in AppointmentGuru. A location provides important information to help your clients find you for your appointments. A location can be a physical address, or an online location (for example a meeting room). Your location information will be intelligently shared in your notifications and added to your client's appointment detail page.

How do I delete or archive an appointment type

How to delete or archive an appointment type

Consolidate multiple locations into a single space

If you've created a number of different spaces, you might find that your account becomes a little difficult to manage. You might be able to simplify your setup by merging your spaces into a single space and then moving your locations to your new space.

How to change your banking details

Each space has its own banking details which will be displayed on your invoices so that your clients can pay via EFT. Editing banking details is simple

How do I login?

Log into your AppointmentGuru account easily and manage your appointments and clients

AppointmentGuru Teams

Understand what is possible with AppointmentGuru Teams. Learn how best to configure your business or practice to meet your specific needs


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