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Getting Started

Getting Started

A better way to run AppointmentGuru on your mobile phone

For the best experience on mobile, we recommend installing AppointmentGuru as a mobile web app.

How do I get help from AppointmentGuru?

We want our customers to succeed, we're here to help


How do I add an appointment?

It's quick and easy to add an appointment in your AppointmentGuru account

Where do I add my clients?

Quickly add a client to your AppointmentGuru account

Where do I add my physical address?

You can add one or more locations to a space in AppointmentGuru. A location provides important information to help your clients find you for your appointments. A location can be a physical address, or an online location (for example a meeting room). Your location information will be intelligently shared in your notifications and added to your client's appointment detail page.

How do I login?

Log into your AppointmentGuru account easily and manage your appointments and clients

How do I add the appointment types that I offer?

Add appointment types - show what you offer and specify the cost and length


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