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How do my clients book appointments with me?

AppointmentGuru makes it easy for your clients to book and manage their appointments with you

Can I send a bulk SMS or email to all my clients?

You can send a bulk email to your AppointmentGuru clients using our Mailchimp integration. If you would like to send a bulk SMS, we can also help you with that.

Merging two clients - safely removing a duplicated client

Merge two clients together, porting all their appointments, invoices, notes and medical aid information

How do I see which client has a birthday today?

View a list of birthdays for the day and month

Updating a clients contact information

Easily update your clients phone or email address

Send an email to your clients telling them about AppointmentGuru

Keep your clients informed, send them information on using AppointmentGuru with you

Is there a mobile app I can use?

Use AppointmentGuru's mobile apps to make and manage your AppointmentGuru appointments, clients and invoices

What can my clients do on the mobile app?

Mobile AppointmentGuru apps for your clients to book and manage appointments

An overview of the client details page

AppointmentGuru conveniently and securely collects all your client information together on the client detail page. From here, you can easily access everything you need to know about a client: their contact details, medical aid details, form submissions, notes, appointments, invoices and medical aid coding history


How to delete or archive a client

If you no longer need a client in your database, you can either delete or archive them.

Where do I add my clients?

Quickly add a client to your AppointmentGuru account


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