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Turning notifications off

AppointmentGuru's automatic notifications can be turned off or on.

Where do I see what notifications have been sent to a client?

How to find out what notifications are sent to a client in your AppointmentGuru account

How do notifications work?

Save time, do less admin with AppointmentGuru's automatic notifications

How do I know when a client has booked an appointment with me?

AppointmentGuru makes sure you keep up-to-date with SMS or email notifications when new appointments are made

Editing information on the automatic client notifications

Automatic notifications can be customised to suit your business and clients

Sending your invoice and automatic payment reminders

Use AppointmentGuru's payment reminder notifications to remind your clients to pay their invoices


Include your JotForm in your automatic notifications

AppointmentGuru makes it easy to include a link to your forms in your automatic notifications. AppointmentGuru can intelligently add links to your notifications and will only include the link if the client has not submitted the forms previously.



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