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How the JotForm integration works

A quick overview showing you how the JotForm integration works from your client filling out the forms online though AppointmentGuru connecting the form submission to their profile


JotForm Integration

An overview on how to set up your AppointmentGuru account to work with JotForm. You will learn how to create forms in JotForm, connect them to your client's AppointmentGuru profile and add the forms to your AppointmentGuru notificiations


Create your form in JotForm

Some quick tips to help you get the most out of JotForm's capabilities. This article will make some suggestions to help you create your first forms


Install the JotForm Integration

Once you have created your form/s in JotForm, you will want to connect them with you AppointmentGuru account so that when a client submits a form, their form submission can be connected to their profile in AppointmentGuru (via magic 🦄)


Link your forms and map fields

For JotForm to send the form submissions to AppointmentGuru, you will need to link the form and optionally map certain fields from your form to corresponding fields on your client's profile


Include your JotForm in your automatic notifications

AppointmentGuru makes it easy to include a link to your forms in your automatic notifications. AppointmentGuru can intelligently add links to your notifications and will only include the link if the client has not submitted the forms previously.


Privacy and security suggestions with JotForm

Some tips and tricks to help you keep your JotForm data private, search and POPIA/GDPR compliant


JotForm - Advanced topics

Tips and tricks to achieve some of the more complicated functionality available in JotForm


How to create a multi-form process flow with JotForm

  • How to redirect from one form to another form: For example, if you have a consent form and want to send the client to a patient information form.
  • We'll show you how to redirect a form in JotForm and pass the relevant information to the second form.
  • This will ensure that the second form is linked to the client's profile.

Only include a JotForm form for specific appointment types

Sometimes you only want to ask a client to fill out a form for specific appointment types. With AppointmentGuru you can specify that a form is only included in your notifications if the appointment is of the required appointment type

Share a form with a client

When sharing a JotForm with a client, it is important to share it from AppointmentGuru so that it can successfully be linked to their profile

Manually share a link to a form with a specific client

Each client has a unique form link, which links their form submission to their profile. You must share the correct link for a form to be correctly linked to a client's profile.

Note: The links shared in your notifications will automatically have the correct URL


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