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My notifications/emails/smses/invoices are not sending/delivering/my client has not received them

There are a number of things (many out of our control) that can cause your clients not to receive their notifications. We will show you how you can discover failed or undelivered notifications/messages, and work out what the reason for this might be.


How to fix incorrect client data on your invoices

When editing information on an appointment, you may notice inconsistent information appearing on your invoices. This is sometimes a result of information relating to dependants or client details that have changed. With AppointmentGuru, you have granular control over all your data and how it is displayed. This article will help you to understand how data on a client and appointment is used and how you can edit it.

Update appointment information on a invoice

Sometimes you change information on your appointments after you have created an invoice. You'll notice that this information does not update automatically on the invoice. This is by design because once created, an invoice should not change unless you explicitly want it to. Not to worry, though; it's easy to refresh the appointment information on your invoice.


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