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Adding ICD-10 codes to your appointments

You can easily add ICD-10 diagnosis codes to your appointments so that you can create invoices that the medical aids will accept


Generate a client history report

You can generate a client history report for any client. This will generate a print friendly report detailing their appointments, diagnosis codes (ICD-10 and tariff codes) and any notes that you have stored on their profile


How to password protect your invoices

With AppointmentGuru you can password protect your invoices. This will encrypt the pdf files that are sent via email as well as adding an additional layer of security to the invoice view webpage


How to record a credit for a client

Sometimes you need to record a client credit. While this is not currently directly supported in AppointmentGuru, there is a workaround


How to delete a payment

Remove a payment from an appointment you have accidentally marked as paid

Submit an invoice to medical aids

Easily send an invoice to a medical aid from AppointmentGuru


Sending a statement

Create a statement showing a list of invoices


Manage all invoice information for an appointment and create an invoice

The invoice details page lets you manage ICD-10 codes, pricing, discounts, line item descriptions, product sales and payment tracking - as well as creating an invoice

All about ICD-10, procedure codes and creating ethical invoices

AppointmentGuru has everything you need to create ethical invoices which you can send to medical aids. Here we've collected a list of useful articles to make sure that your invoices have all the relevant information such as ICD-10 and process codes, referring practitioner, the client's medical aid information etc.


Editing an existing invoice

How to edit an invoice you've already created

Delete an invoice

How to delete an invoice you've already created


Automating ICD-10 and process coding

Save time with automatic ICD10 and process coding. Have AppointmentGuru add codes to new appointments based on the client, or the appointment type


Add product sales to an invoice/appointment

If you sell physical products, you can add them when invoicing your clients.

Adding a referring doctor or practitioner to your invoices

You can add a referring doctor to your records and invoices


Create an invoice from multiple appointments

Create an invoice from a number of appointments. Useful if you want to generate an invoice for a client after a period of time - e.g. if you want to invoice at month-end or on a weekly basis

Create an invoice from a single appointment

Quickly create an invoice from a single appointment. Useful if you want to quickly invoice a customer right after their appointment

Invoicing for appointments that have been paid in advance

This article will outline how you can keep track of a client's account in the case that they pay in advance for several appointments


How does the SnapScan integration work?

Make it easier for your clients to pay you, use the SnapScan AppointmentGuru integration


Marking an appointment and invoice as paid

Mark an invoice as paid


Add your invoicing settings

Invoice settings allow you to personalise your invoices


How do I export my invoicing data

Download your invoicing data


How do I give a client a discount for an appointment?

Give clients discounts when creating their invoice


Sending your invoice and automatic payment reminders

Use AppointmentGuru's payment reminder notifications to remind your clients to pay their invoices


Adding personal and medical aid information

Include your clients medical aid information on invoices for medical aid submission


Creating an invoice for a client who was treated by multiple practitioners

If you have a practice with multiple practitioners and a client sees more than one practitioner during your billing period, it is easy to create an ethical invoice that details all the client's appointments and which practitioners they were with

How to change your banking details

Each space has its own banking details which will be displayed on your invoices so that your clients can pay via EFT. Editing banking details is simple

Creating an appointment for a child or dependant

Learn how to create appointments for dependants. They will be attached to the account of the main customer, but can be invoiced seperately


Tools and techniques to speed up adding ICD-10 and process codes to your appointments

How to copy codes from previous appointments, apply codes to a recurring series of appointments, or create a treatment plan for a client based on the codes on a specific appointment


Update appointment information on a invoice

Sometimes you change information on your appointments after you have created an invoice. You'll notice that this information does not update automatically on the invoice. This is by design because once created, an invoice should not change unless you explicitly want it to. Not to worry, though; it's easy to refresh the appointment information on your invoice.

How to fix incorrect client data on your invoices

When editing information on an appointment, you may notice inconsistent information appearing on your invoices. This is sometimes a result of information relating to dependants or client details that have changed. With AppointmentGuru, you have granular control over all your data and how it is displayed. This article will help you to understand how data on a client and appointment is used and how you can edit it.

How does invoicing work?

AppointmentGuru's invoicing is generated from appointments and can include codes for medical aid submission

Find outstanding balance - appointments or invoices that have not been paid

AppointmentGuru gives you great insight into the state of your business. With AppointmentGuru, you can easily find invoices or appointments that have not been paid - making sure you collect all the money owed to you!


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